Travel Writers

I love travelling, and I find when I travel I write.
Usually as a travel writer, documenting my experiences of a place, but just sometimes I create characters and they create memories and experiences.

In exactly 1 month I am going back to Lecce, Italy.
The last time I was their was 2 and a half years ago when I was an Au Pair to this amazing family.

I'm going back to visit them and to see if this gorgeous baroque town holds my future (I can't say too much yet!)

I'm looking for travel related guest posts whilst I'm away.

If you would like to take over Eat.Enjoy.Live for the day leave your e-mail address in a comment or e-mail me:

Isn't travelling the greatest?!


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

So super excited for you, Helen! :) Sounds like a great trip and I hope it holds good news! xo

Catherine said...

Would love to guest post for you, I always enjoy checking out your blog :) email id xxx Your trip sounds great :)

Miss Laia said...

I was as an Au pair also some ages ago in the USA and I know how you feel about the family you are living with.
Check my blog and she if you like it, I would love to write a guest post here.

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