The Obligatory Weekend Recap

I had such a great weekend! How was yours?

We drank champagne and laughed a lot.

It was nice getting away from the computer, but what can I say, I missed you guys.

I super excited too because I finally got the announce the winner of the blogiversary giveaway.

Congratulations goes to Chelsea from Big, Beautiful and Broke Blog.

I'm well and truly back on the weight loss wagon. A yummy beef and butternut squash stew is cooking as I type this.

I went shopping, like I had a major shopping fix. The brilliant thing it all cost me hardly anything; I love charity shops. Jumpers, scarves, books, I'm fully stocked up for being locked inside against the elements.

Speaking of elements, American friends, stay safe. I know I can't do much from behind a computer screen, but I'll be thinking of you and praying that you and yours are OK.

That's enough writing for one post, I hope your feeling these pictorial delights.

Oh, and I think you know by now. My phone camera is shocking!

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