So I had a post already for today, in fact it even went live, but things don't always go to plan.

It was about how I got a job for the week, a single week, which is nothing to be sniffed at when you're unemployed.

Then life threw something at eye infection!

Seriously!? Just when I needed to be working, what with Italy in 4 weeks and then Christmas.

I was totally devastated at first, but then I realised I'm just being tested. Tested until whatever path I'm supposed to take comes along.

I'm feeling positive. One little setback is not going to stop me.

After all when life gives you lemons.....

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Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sorry to hear that. I was supposed to start a job upon my return and then was diagnosed that needed some minor surgery requiring at least a week's rest to recuperate afterwards. Needless to say, the job was cancelled or postponed indefinitely. I don't know yet why that happened, but for sure there's some good reason that only time will reveal.

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