Ric Rac Ribbon Rose Ring

Phew, try saying that 3 times fast. I totally know you're trying that right now.

Whilst I'm away spending far to much money in charity shops and having a jolly good time I needed to share this with you.

How cute is this?

Its super easy. Dig out that ric rac ribbon, glue gun and a ring/hairclip/brooch base.

You can find the original tutorial here, but this is how I did it.

Your going to need 2 pieces of ric rac ribbon. Mine were 16 inches each, but really you can make them any length you want.

Now braid!

I did glue the ends. Its so much easier to braid and roll that way.

Get rolling. It looks better if you alternate between tight and loose rolling.

Glue the end of the ribbon to the underside of the rose, and attach to whatever you desire.

Simple, beautiful and effective.

By the time you've finished reading this post you could have made one......

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