This time this weekend is needed.

I need a break from technology, blogging, applying for jobs.

I need to remember what autumn smells like. Go for a walk in the low morning fog and feel like I'm the only person on earth.

This weekend is a sad one.

We've had a caravan in the seaside town of Scarborough since I was 7. At nearly 25 I've grown up there. Summers were spent, first best friends were made and good times were had.
As I've got older its been more of a getaway for a girlie weekend. Its only a 2 hours drive so my two besties and I go as much as possible.

This is the last weekend we'll ever be going. The caravan is being sold, luckily to my Aunt. The ground rent/petrol is too expensive and its getting old; 18 years now!

So this weekend I'm taking for me. To remember all the good times I've spent in the green tin can caravan.

As you're reading this I'm raiding the charity shops in Beverly. Having coffee. Laughing.

As it will be our last time there, and I'm feeling a little sad I decided it had to be the best weekend ever!

So I made gifts. Gifts that the girls know nothing about. I bought wine, lots of wine.

Most importantly I didn't bring my laptop.

See you on Monday!


Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

Enjoy this weekend, reminiscing and making new memories in the caravan and most importantly have a blast.

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

I hope you're having an amazing time! Xo

Miss C Flash said...

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your girlie break.

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