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Another blogiversary beauty in the form of Kristine today. Seriously how lovely are all these girls?
More tips on how to make every day a party? Ummmmm hell yes!
Take it away girl...

Hey lovelies!!
Thanks so much to the wonderful Helen for having me on today!
I entered my late 20's this past February. 28 to be exact.
For those of you who are thinking that I was already in my late 20's the year before. 
Bite me.
Just kidding. Sort of {wink wink}.
I wanted to share my TOP TEN ways of living young, and wild, and free with ya'll!

#1 Dance (like you just sh$t your pants) !
Yes Mom, I had to say it!
My bestie Cori and I 2009 - cuz that's how we roll, ha!
Who doesn't love a good dance party? I know I do! I love to twirl with my girls!
Twirling on my birthday! Maggie would let me twirl her forever, and I would if it was guaranteed that she wouldn't errp on me!
We do our best dancing in the living room and kitchen, especially if the Hubs is singing. But it's good to go out and shake my groove thing all dolled up sometimes!

#2 Speaking of going out...

Especially if you have people who love and want AND offer to babysit your sprout-lets!
For me just thinking about getting "ready" is exhausting, and I find myself talking my way out of getting dressed, and sometimes going out all together. But the times I've "made" myself go the Hubs has "made" me go, we've had a blast!
New Years 2012
It's good to step away from my "Mom role" once in awhile and put on my "Hot Wifey Role" It's about finding that balance. For everyone it's different, maybe once a month is good for you, maybe once a week, whatever you need to do, do it. You'll be happier and so will your family!

#3 Exercise
Magpie says "Just Jump Right In!" FEARLESS my girl is!
Listen to "Big" M, she knows what she's talking about.

#4 Make Exercising FUN!

Refer to #1 above for an easy, stress-free exercise routine. Refer to #3's picture, pictures speak louder than words. Need more ideas? Find a partner in crime. It's so much easier to get my running shoes on, if the hubby is game. Running not your forte, taking and actively playing with your kids at the park (or anywhere for that matter) counts as exercise in my book! And heck if it's in walking distance, walk!
The Hubs showing "the kids" how it's done
#5 DO things on your "Bucket List"
Since our first vacay to Hawaii years ago, I've always wanted to go para-sailing. I added it to my bucket list, and there it remained uncrossed till this last year when I did it with one of my SIL's in St. Thomas.

#6 Don't be afraid to try something new
This can go hand in hand with #5 above, but even something as little as trying something different from the same menu at your favorite go to restaurant. Just don't ask what it is till it's made it's way all the way down to your stomach "eel what?!" You only live once, try new things, you just might like it!

#7 Don't be afraid to get DIIIIIR-TAY!
Spontaneity! It's a wonderful thing!
So what that we didn't have anything but one bottle of water to wash us off with afterwards? So what that we used Daddy's brand new shirts (that thankfully happened to be in the trunk of the car) to dry us off with? So what that days later Gpa was still picking mud particles from his car floor? She wanted to play in the mud, so we did! Again, so worth it!

#8 Love, love and then love some more!
Never waste an opportunity to tell your loved ones you love them. Better yet, show them in your actions that you do! Tomorrow is never promised. Take every chance to snuggle your babies, because it goes by way too fast! There will always be something to clean, but your babies won't always be so little and want to be held. Recently Maggie is refusing to sit in a shopping cart, so I carry her. Someday I won't be able to.
Miss Mia and Me when she was about 2 months old.
#9 Make time and take it ALL in
God's beauty that is. We've been blessed enough to have visited a variety of places around the world, all so different in their "beauty" What do you see everyday that you might take for granted? Every time I see the mountains here it just takes my breath away. Take it all in! Ok... maybe not while you're driving (safety first), but still take that time. You deserve it. I promise you'll thank me :)
Nevada morning - the mountains are stunning in any light
#10 Surround Yourself with Positive Supportive {real} Peeps = Choose to be Happy =  
Our fam of four at my first bday dinner surrounded by people who love us
I've said this lots of times before, and it's because I truly believe it. 
Negative Nancy's are WACK! 
And eventually if YOU allow those people around you and your kids, you're putting yourself out there for their negativity to engulf you too.  

I know first hand all these "tips" are easier said than done, and this last one, when people say it to me I just want to slap them! But... it's the truth
Only YOU can let how others affect you. 
I'm not saying you can't be pissed off. 
I'm not saying you can't call your Mom, sister, and bestfriends and "bitch" about all the bad, negative crap that DOES happen in life. 
What I am saying is you should, I do. 
But after it's all said and done and you've done your fair share of (justified?) complaining, you need to move on
Because you can't change someone else, 
and in the same respect you can only help people who want to be helped.

So my fun "dancing" post that started out light-hearted, kinda went full circle back to serious real life? 
In the end, only YOU can prevent forest fires 
(does anyone else remember those commercials?)!

What are some ways you're staying young, and wild, and free??
If you love birthdays, and want to also live life young, and wild, and free please come on over to our casa and introduce yourself. #holla


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