How to be successful

This is the title to an article I was reading in my magazine last night.
I didn't think anything of it at first, and then as I fell asleep it really started annoying me.

No-one can tell you how to be successful.

Sure there are hints and tip that might help you along your way, but the word successful means something different to everyone.

What does it mean to you? When will you be able to stand back look at your life and think, I'm successful? Are you already at that stage?

For me successful means living abroad and teaching English, being debt free, travelling, having my own place.
If I accomplish any of those things in my life I will have been successful.

They did have some good generalised ideas like being healthy, because come on that just makes you feel better. Eat crap, feel like crap.

Another one, looking smart. I would agree with this one if they didn't then go on about how you needed something designer in that smart outfit to make it 'pop'. Oh please! I get most of my clothes from charity shops, it doesn't mean I'm less successful or smart than the person next to me who shops at Prada.

The word successful is just so generalised I don't think it can be defined.

I hope your successful in life, but I can't offer any advice, I'm still working on it myself!

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Kristine Foley said...

I truly believe if one is happy in life, then they are successful :) I completely agree with you, no one can define ANOTHER person's happiness, or their idea of what it is to be successful.

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