For the love of being a loner {a letter}

I'm not afraid to say it. I am a 100% fully certified loner. That is if you define a loner as a person who enjoys being alone.

Am I happy spending time with loved ones? Yes.
I am happy in a massive crowd of people? Debatable.
I am happy alone? Yes.

I think its a sad world when you can't do something on your own. Maybe its through the fear of people thinking your a loner, or maybe you don't have enough confidence yet, or maybe you don't have the time.

I love and am perfectly happy spending time with friends and family, but would I prefer to be at home reading a book all by myself? Yes!

It seems strange to be a loner and a blogger. Surely the two don't go together. I let you into my life and I am open and honest, but there are still those moments you don't see into. I would describe lots now, but that defeats the object.

I'm a private person, some would say too private. I've been hurt and that's caused me to be cold and closed off when it comes to getting close to people. You may think you know me but you don't, you know a version of me. The real me is for me, God and that one special person I choose to open up too.

My Mother always taught me to treat others how you wish to be treated, so I do. I take myself out for coffee, treat myself to date night and read myself a bedtime story. There is something so special and magical in those moments I spend with myself. I write, I reflect and I grow.

In a way being alone has made me selfish. I know this phase of my life won't last, but for now divulging into my more selfish side is proving creative, and creativity should be encouraged.

I encourage you friends to be alone. Don't be afraid of it. Go and have a coffee and watch the world go by. Sit in the cinema and have a whole tub of popcorn to yourself. Be kind to your heart, its so fragile.

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