Finding faith in timing

My journey with God has been a long one, on which the road is still bumpy.

I struggle daily with accepting him into my life, having faith in him, and gaining the understanding of others.

My friend then sent me an e-mail asking if she could share with me some note her friend took at church. She thought they would provide the guidance I have been looking for.
The good thing about friends? They know exactly what you need.

I need to to read these words. They have given me hope and faith in God's timing. I am no longer afraid of the what the future holds. I know its is all planned out and its going to be amazing.

I'm sharing these words with you. I know somewhere there is someone like me, who is going through a time when they just need to hear them.

Quit worrying about who is getting ahead of you and just run your race. Be the best you can be. Keep honouring God with your life, keeping treating people right and God will get you to where you're supposed to be!

Our God is not a random God. He is a precise God. He has lined up solutions for you down to the very second.

You can trust God's timing. If it hasn't happened yet it doesn't mean something's wrong. It doesn't mean God's mad at you. You don't have to stay frustrated or in worry. Stay in peace and enter into this rest. God has you in the palm of His hand. Your path is already ordained.

We should pray this everyday: "God, give me the grace to accept your timing." God can see the big picture for our lives. If God did everything we wanted in 24 hours or within a week, it wouldn't take faith to believe. Sometimes the things we pray for are too small - sometimes the person we think we can't live without God sees in 10 years they aren't what we need, so he's closing that door now!
God has the advantage of seeing it all.

We have the faith part down - God I believe you can but what we need to work on is the patience part. I'm going to wait with faith and patience because the appointed time is coming. Maybe God is working on your other or maybe God is working on you, and developing your character.

Remember: I wouldn't have this delay unless God didn't have a reason for it. Don't make the mistake of trying to figure everything out; it will only frustrate you.

David said - God, my times are in your hands.

Don't force your own fate because you're impatient with God's timing. Sarah and Abraham waited for a child and after years it didn't happen so Sarah told Abraham to sleep with her maids to have the child God promised but that baby, God told them, that wasn't the baby I promised you but something you created on your own. They struggled with Ishmael (baby) because there was no grace for him. "What God orders, God will pay for." What God gives birth to, God will always give you the grace to take care of. When we birth things in our own strength out of God's timing then God is not obligated. 14 years later Sarah has Isaac, the child God promised in His timing. Don't be afraid that God isn't going to show up! "If you let go of Ishmael, Isaac will show up."

God will bring amazing people in your path! Don't go birthing Ishmael's when God is trying to give you Isaac's!! When you delight yourself in The Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart. There's a difference between God giving you something and you working to make it happen. It's a burden and a constant struggle but if you do it God's way there will be a supernatural grace. There will be an ease. Yes there will be opposition but there will be His favour.

"Be still and know that I am God. "

If you needed this today I hope it helps.

Have a great weekend!


Miss C Flash said...

OMG this is the post I have needed to read all week. I am also a Christian and have struggled this week with the lack of social work job opportunities although I'm qualified and got an MA. But after reading this I must try really hard not to be impatient - SO HARD!

Brittany T. said...

amen to all of the above!! these notes were taken from a talk given by Joel Osteen! :)

Brenda Newell said...

Thank you and may you be blessed just as you are blessing your readers. Thank you Lord God.

Nicola said...

Great post, Helen, and exactly what I needed to read today. :) ~ Nicola (GMG)

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