Coffee in the Desert

If you haven't checked out this girls blog you must, like seriously. 
She's so cool. I mean she even wants to invite you guys for the desert!

Hello Eat. Enjoy. Live. readers!  
I'm Arni from Travel Gourmande.  

I love to travel and eat (in equal order).  I consider myself blessed for having given the chance to see interesting places. I am an expat living in the United Arab Emirates for the last nine years. I can't imagine a better place than to share an afternoon coffee in the desert with you.  

Spending the day in Jebel Faya, 20 minutes drive from the bustling city of Dubai.
Jebel means mountain in Arabic. 
Jebel Faya is an archaeological site in the Emirate of Sharjah.
Middle eastern stone age tools were unearthed here. 

The rocky mountain echoes of quad engines and 4x4 vehicles exploring the red sand dunes. 
The sound almost disappears afterwards and a lovely sense of calm takes over. 
This is a favorite paragliding site for gliders living in the city and   
an ideal family picnic ground within the desert.   

Lesson learned: If you see wild camels -  stay, stay away.

My curiosity led me to walk closer to these beautiful, sweet  and graceful creatures of the desert.
As I started taking pictures of them up close, this dude was not happy to be disturbed.
There I was running on the sand dunes, screaming and laughing, chased by a camel.
I finally made it to the vehicle just in time.
They're cute, though, don't you think?
Until I've been harmlessly bitten by one.
But I love them just the same. 
Whenever I see them quietly strolling on the sand in a group 
while driving on a desert highway,
they always cheer me up.

Things to do there:

1. Grab a mat and lie down.  Just be on the look out for quad drivers to keep them from  running you over.  Sometimes, this place is completely deserted.  A quiet site to read a book or some alone-time for reflection.

2. Walk barefoot on the soft sand. During winter season, the cold sand is refreshing.  Climb up the dunes barefoot. Great exercise by the way.

3. Bring some friends and enjoy the rugged beauty.

4. Camp outdoors.  

5. Picnic barbecue.

6. Watch the sunset

Thank you Helen for this opportunity.
Thank you all  for virtually having a coffee with me in the desert. 

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Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Loved this post! I am yet to explore that part of the world and reading this post has me wanting to pack a bag and go there now! I laughed out loud at the fact that Arni got chased by a camel (sorry but I just couldn't stop picturing it in my head)!!

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