Bath Time

You may have read here and here that at the weekend I gave my fur baby a badly needed bath.

It didn't go so well. Not only did she hate it, she didn't smell any sweeter. In fact I think she may have smelt worse.

That is just not a happy face!

I'm thinking up with Amber and Nelly for Its OK Thursday for the first time.

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK that I'm starting out with the healthy eating thing again.
Its OK that sometimes I get insecure.
Its OK that I feel like I'm losing the people I love.
Its OK to not be ready to forgive yet.
It OK to watch more TV than I should. Its not my fault there are so many good programmes on!
Its OK to dream everyday about the life I want for myself.
Its OK to right now not want to get married.
Its OK that I've made the decision not to give birth in the future, and when the time comes to adopt instead.
Its OK that I still don't like doing Google+ hangout because most of the time I end up looking like a douche bag.
Its OK that I'm still struggling with finding my faith and place in the world.
Its OK that month upon month I am completely broke and all my money its going towards paying bills. I will not be in the same situation I was a year ago.
Its OK to think that despite having no job, money, place of my own or partner I'm doing good!

How is your week treating you?
Guess what? Tomorrow's Friday!


Allie said...

Good luck with your healthy eating-- I'm trying to do the same, it's difficult to stay on track sometimes! Have a lovely day!

Beauty Balm said...

awwh your dog looks so unhappy! x

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

It's definitely okay to be starting out with the healthy eating again - maybe you'll tweet me your progress again the way you used to :) I love the honesty and how you've really put yourself out there in this post Helen. It's what I adore the most about you xoxox

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Angel said...

I think that it's great that you are focusing on paying your bills! My brother, (who is currently living with me) can't seem to understand that paying bills is an important thing, more important then playing video games! I am sorry your baby didn't enjoy the bath! Mine hates them too unless I take her to the dog wash that's the only way I can even get close to bathing her!

Sarah Grace said...

healthy eating can be hard to start, but once you do, your cravings for the bad stuff will not be as strong, and it will just get easier with time! you can do it! :)

happy thursday!
xo, sarah grace

Nikki said...

Are we related? All of your ok's sound just like my ok. I hope you have a great Thursday!


Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

Your dog looks well behaved in the bath. :) I dread giving my cat a bath each time, we're usually wrestling around in the shower.
Cheers to healthy eating..trips to doctors the last few weeks made me value eating healthy more and started introducing more fruits & veggies in my meals. I completely agree with Sarah Grace.

Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

Your dog looks well behaved :) I dread giving my cat a bath. We usually end up wrestling in the shower. Cheers to healthy eating..the trips to the doctors recently made me value healthy eating more by introducing more fruits and veggies in my meal. I completely agree with Sarah Grace.

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