Roll up, roll up

I've decided to change the way I run sponsorships.
My budget is extremely tight at the moment and sponsoring other blogs is firmly last on my list of important things to pay for.
Instead I've been participating in swaps.
After reviewing the way I handle sponsorships I've decided its not fair to ask you guys to pay when I can't offer you the same in return.

From now on all ad space is free.
You heard that right. Large, medium and small spaces are all up for grabs.
You'll still get the same amount of love as if you were paying, because I'm nice and I want to promote you.

The one rule:
You can only have 1 month's ad space at a time.
I want to make it fair so everyone gets a chance for some lovin'. No renewals etc. You can of course have a different size ad space the next month.
If you, especially on small ads, put the ad in to run for several months I will just delete it. I want this to be a fair system, not just a free for all.

So on to the important bit; promo codes!

Large ad space - LSWAP
Medium ad space - MSWAP
Small ad space - SWAP

The promo codes are limited so that a long queue isn't created. Once those run out I will add some more and let you know via Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

All ad space is run via Passionfruit.
Ready, set, go!


Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

What a wonderful offer! To be honest.. I have no idea what to do with ad space. Some of the stuff you just wrote was well above and beyond my bloggy language haha :)

Tausha said...

I just did the SMALL ad space! THANKS, and I posted your button on my link list as well!


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