Couch Talk - Motivation

This is Vanisha and I, having a chat whilst thousands of miles apart.
V had this idea to host a Couch Talk series - A little like a coffee date and a little like vino with friends. She didn't want to do it on my own, so She asked lil ole me to co-host, and I said yes! And so begins, what we hope will be the start of something big, and something you will all join in with. Think hot drink/cold wine, friends, laughter, and life. There maybe a little weirdness in there too, but what the heck, we're friends!

(If you're taken aback by the length of this post, we've put the questions in bold, if you want to contribute)

Vanisha: Hey lovely, I've noticed lately a lot of bloggers talking about needing a little bit of motivation. Just someone to give them a little nudge to get moving on their goals or to do the little things like clear out their makeup box or do some filing. What are you like when it comes to needing motivation? Where do you get it from? 

Helen: Ummm motivation.......I'm a major procrastinator! I always find the motivation eventually, but if I can avoid something at first, I will. I don't tend to lean on people for motivation unless its a project that needs to be completed imminently. Like you I find I'm self-motivated. There are goals I want to reach and I know the only way of achieving them is to work, hard. No-one is going to be able to motivate me better than myself, unless they have the same goals. I'm not saying I never lean on people for motivation, but let's face it they're not always going to be there. It's important to find the motivation within yourself, even if you need a push at times.

Vanisha: I find that often I go through the motions, should I call a friend? I should. I might pick up the phone and then put it down. And think to myself, I can do this on my own. And most times it works. I mentally give myself a shake and just do what needs to be done. Finding that self-motivation I guess. I think there have only been two or three times in as many years when I've actually leaned on a friend for motivation. Other times I look for it within myself. Mostly it's there. I think it comes from experience - knowing that I've been through so much already and I just can do it...I mean, I  cannot not do it, right?  

Helen: I love your, "I cannot not do it, right?" Right! If you want something bad enough you'll find the motivation. 

Our questions to you: where do you find motivation? When you think you need someone, do you reach out? how do you motivate yourself? 

Much love, 
Vanisha & Helen

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Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

I came over from Vanisha's. I have a friend who's a professional artist and he's been encouraging me continuously to keep on painting despite the obstacles. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have discovered and pursued this path. Sometimes life has a way of telling us and nudging us in the right direction, but I think once I have my goals and objectives set,it easier to get myself motivated. I would love to link up on couch talk series.

SimplyyMayra said...

Hola Helen!
Lovely post! Sounds like an inspiring idea! :)

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