YOLO - "You Only Live Once"

I'm back from what has been a mind changing holiday. 
I don't mean I've been brainwashed, but long talks with a good friend, wine, and a view like this

puts life into perspective.

Whilst I was away a friend introduced me to the phrase YOLO; You Only Live Once.
I'm going to start embracing everything I do with that phrase.

After an evening of wine, cards, and lots of talking, Gem and I decided we should write our bucket lists.
I never really thought about updating the one I wrote when I was 14. It's strange how much has changed, hardly anything original is on my new list.

In the spirit of YOLO I thought I'd share my bucket list with you, updating you as I cross things off.

Bucket List
Keep writing.
Parasail. DONE! Pictures/details in a future post.
Walk the Great Wall of China.
Bungee jump.
Parachute jump.
Jump off a cliff into the sea.
Help build a school and wells in Africa.
See Pompeii.
See the Taj Mahal.
See the Terracotta Army.
Be financially independent.
Be 100% happy being alone.
Move the the USA.
Be true to my religion.
Find the one who will make me fall in love again.
Adopt a baby.
Act, just for acting sake.
Learn a language.
Run a marathon.
Get to my goal weight.

We also decided it would be a good idea to write a 'I will never' list. I don't think this will change throughout my life.

I will never....
Be taken for granted.
Doubt myself.
Not appreciate what I've got.
Take friends for granted.
Have an affair.
Tolerate cheating.
Get married because I feel like it's my only chance.
Regret the fact that I'm alive.
Forget I was born for a very important reason, even if it feels like I haven't figured out what yet.

Do you have a bucket list? If so what's on it?
What about an I will never list? What would be on yours?

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Miss C Flash said...

Hey Helen, I love your blog. My bucket list would include: 1) Swim with dolphins in Mexico/Cuba
2) Develop my career
3) Buy a house
4) Get married and have a kiddiewinkle
5) Travel to Sweden, Tel Aviv, Jerauselum
6) Keep blogging
7) Smile every day.

Nothing as ellaborate as your bucket list, i quite like the "jump of a cliff into the sea" very brave!

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