Will you be my big blogger?

Now I know most of you are members of BBN, if not, why not? It's free to signup!

Whether a member or not have you seen this post?

The brains behind BBN bring you Big Bloggers, Little Bloggers.

Its such a cool idea.

First, read these guidelines and decide if your a little or big blogger.

Personally I'm a little blogger. I've been blogging for under a year and I know I still have lots to learn.

Then signup!

A big blogger will be paired with a little one, and hopefully they'll learn a lot from each other.

The lovely Ashley made a list of things you could do.

"As a Big Blogger, you’ll be helping a Little Blogger with things like:

  • Growing their audience
  • Improving their blog design
  • Helping them market themselves
  • Sharing tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way
  • Teaching them how to best use social media
  • Editing images
  • And whatever else they may need"
"The process is easy:
  1. sign up as a big or little blogger.
  2. be matched with a big or little blogger, depending on what you sign up as.
  3. communicate with them on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (whatever works for you both) basis
  4. create a long-lasting friendship while you help each other grow in different ways"

Make sure you sign up, but you only have until Monday (13th)! It's going to be a super fun project and I'm sure lasting friendships will be made.

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missflash said...

What a lovely idea and way for little bloggers like myself, can meet and get support from big bloggers xx

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