Sightseeing Tour - Sheffield

For those of you who don't know I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
I've lived here all my live, and I'll be honest I never appreciated it until I moved away.
Sheffield used to be a hive of industry, and is still the steel making capital of the world. Those knives and forks you use, check if there from my home town.

So why I am deciding now to take you on a personal tour of this grand old city?
Well, Grazia magazine are doing a Yorkshire regional feature issue. I was given a heads up on this by the lovely Claire from Jazzpad, and Sheffield often gets over looked. Its not the biggest in Yorkshire, but let me assure you, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

If you ever came to visit me here's what we'd do:

Firstly we'd head to Cream. A cute coffee bar/art gallery that serves the most amazing food. Breakfast there is to die for! After some delicious food and a hot mug of coffee, we'd head upstairs to check out what pretty art they have on display.

Cream Cafe, Broomhill

We'd walk into town. No buses, or cabs here. To experience Sheffield properly you have to walk. Past the University Drama Studio and The West End Pub. I can't think of a better night than a play and a pint.
Eventually we'd end up on West Street, which is full of bars/clubs. I'm not a clubbing girl myself, instead I like to find a cool little wine bar or pub. 
Now it's time for shopping, I hope you've brought some money. Around half way down West Street you'll find Cow, no I'm not calling you one, it's the name of an awesome vintage shop. You can't miss it, it's bright yellow!

Cow, West Street

By now it's lunch time and I know THE perfect place to take you. The Blue Moon Cafe. I discovered this place when I was 16, so 9 years ago and I've never looked back. It sells the most veggie and vegan food, and even though I'm not either I still get there stupidly early or queue to get a seat.

The Blue Moon Cafe, St James Street

By now we're in the centre of town and the culture vulture in me takes over. We'd hit the Millennium Galleries, catch a matinee at the Crucible,  and end up at The Showroom for food and a film. 
The Showroom is my favourite cinema. As well as some new releases it shows all my old favourites on the big screen, and those foreign films that I always seem to have to go to on my own.

If it isn't too late, we'd get a cab; yes, I remember what I said about walking, but it's late. Back in Broomhill we'd hit El Toro, a tapas and wine bar and talk late into the night.

I hope you've enjoyed my little tour of Sheffield. Now come and visit so we can do all this cool stuff!


Jesss said...

I moved to Sheffield for Uni three years ago, I'm back home up North for the summer now and really missing it!! Can't wait to move back full-time in September.
This is a lovely post Helen :)


Julie said...

It's always nice to see photos from other parts of the world. I really enjoyed these pics, Helen. Thanks so much for sharing. :)


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