Meet the Ladies in Navy

I'd like to introduce two awesome Ladies to you today.
CP and KW are friends, neighbours, colleagues and now bloggers.
They put great outfits together using their same sense of style and individual elements.
Think vintage elegance and you're just about there.

Wanna get to know them better read on.

So, tell me a little about yourselves....

We’re shy about describing ourselves so we thought we’d each describe each other briefly to give you a look into who we are!

CP is petite (unlike me!) and her style ranges from classy to librarian-chic (not that those are mutually exclusive). She starts grad school in the fall in Library Sciences and is over the moon about it. CP got me started on genealogy research, made me obsessed with family heirloom jewelry, and generally inspires me to be a happier, fitter, more productive human (to steal some apropos Radiohead lyrics).

With her long chestnut locks and elegant height, KW could truly be a model. But she would be the kind of model that was also incredibly smart, witty and a lovely friend. I knew she was a kindred spirit immediately, but couldn’t launch into a full friendship until she graduated and stopped being my work study student. Knowing her as her boss was a joy, but having her as a co-blogger and friend is just the very best! Her style is professional and crisp with a fun, trendy flair and everyone who reads our blog loves her on sight. I’m lucky to have such a sweet and pretty friend!

Why did you start blogging?
We’re colleagues, close friends, and neighbors and decided to embark on this blogging adventure together after falling in love with a particularly nautical and classy fashion blog. We also felt like we could benefit from following the trends a bit more closely and dressing well at work and on the weekends – without any inspiration around us at work and no reason to dress well, we kept sliding into jeans and hoodie ruts!

Designer or thrifted?

We’d love to fall on the designer side of the spectrum, but that’s not a personal or financial reality for both of us, so we fall somewhere between the two. If you follow our blog you can see a few thrifted designer items (to make this more complicated), a few gifted designer items, some sparse representation from local boutiques, and a whole bunch of chain store purchases (fabulous staples from the Gap, bold wardrobe pieces from Forever 21, and some representation from the Limited, Nordstrom, Old Navy, and Macys).

When I say perfect outfit, you say....
It depends. We’re pretty partial to layered dress and top and cardi combos (just browse through the blog – I bet you’ll get bored of it). For KW, the perfect outfit would definitely be a high waisted skirt, chiffon blouse, and tall patent heels. For CP, a pencil skirt, ¾ sleeve sweater,  a pair of patterned tights, oxford heels, and vintage jewelry with a fascinating family story.

Describe your blog in 5 words.
Inspired, growing, and ever-evolving.

Aren't they just the sweetest?

You can find them at....

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