A little creativity

As you all know I am in Spain at the moment, partially relaxing, partially celebrating Gem's birthday.

I love giving presents, I mean who seriously doesn't? Money has been tight though, so this time around I had to get a little creative with my gift giving.

I planned 5 surprises, some were gifts, some gestures.
I placed 5 clues in 5 different envelopes and presented her with them at different destinations on our journey to Spain.

1. When she got to my house.
2. Just before bed.
3. At the airport.
4. On the plane.
5. At the apartment in Spain.

I'm writing this post ahead of time and scheduling it so I don't have some of the photos. Check Instagram for updates though.

For envelope 1 I cooked a meal of tapas and birthday cake. Recipes to follow. The cake was chocolate and vanilla layers with pink frosting - yum!

Envelope two was the first present of the set. A little bit of make-up and some miniature flight essentials.

3? Well getting to the airport at 6am called for a coffee and breakfast date of course!

Another present for envelope number 4. A top I knew she would love, from a charity shop, washed and ironed of course. Plus two pairs of earrings I found at a craft market.

Envelope 5 was my personal favourite. Gem loves cosmopolitans, and this girl is with her all the way. What did I do as the final surprise? Phoned up the hotel of course and got them to make up and place 2 cosmopolitans in our fridge before we got there. What girl doesn't need a drink after a morning of travelling?

I spent, even with the food and coffee, around £20 in total, and we both created memories we'll never forget. It just goes to show you don't have to be the last of the big spenders to show you care.

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