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How has your weekend been?
Mine was busy!
First the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday, loved it by the way. How about you? Favourite bit?
Saturday the fam and I went for a walk along a railway track. Well not actually along, that would be dangerous, and stupid, but at the side of. It was beautiful; green fields, pretty flowers and the odd steam train chugging past. I felt like I'd just stepped in to the Railway Children, I was about to wave my knickers to get the train to stop, but then realised that might not be a good idea. If you've never seen/read the Railway Children you'll think I'm completely crazie for saying that, Google it.

Today, Sunday, in case you're caught in some kind of time lapse or still hungover, yes I mean you!
Well........ever have those days where you do nothing and time slips away from you? I'm having one of those days.
For the final hours of it I'm going to make some Glassy Bands, for the grand shop opening on Friday - woooo! Apply for jobs, and catch up with some blogs.

Have a great weekend/week wherever you are in the world.


J said...

Those flowers are so pretty!! We're having a fairly lazy Sunday, but time is flying by here too!

Catherine said...

Oh my gosh, The Railway Children! Red petticoats! The film of the book always makes me cry (you know where I mean). Best bit of the opening cer had to be Beckham in the boat!

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