Snap Time

Hello again!
How have you all been?
It feels so good to be back posting again.
I understand the lovely ladies I've had on here have been keeping you busy. Thank You so much girls, I appreciate the time you took to write those posts.
Lanzarote was amazing, just what I needed. Sun, sea and sand. I was hoping to Instagram and tweet so that I could keep in touch with you all but that wasn't to be. I'm so glad you've hung around though, here come my holiday pics (part one!)
Marina Rubicon

Such a stunning Marina. I was super jealous of the yachts too. I want one!! There was a cute little market, and yes, I may have overloaded on the jewellery buying; you know what I'm like!

Jameos Des Aqua

If you ever go to Lanzarote and have the chance to visit these caves, go. Yes its busy, but it only costs 8 euros to get in and its completely beautiful. I took so many photos, there are only a select few here. Its also a protected sight, as I believe its the only place in the world you can see albino crabs. 


I completely fell in love with Haria. It's a little unassuming town, the kind you'd probably just drive through and ignore. If you stop and park up though, you'll see a quaint town square and a breathtaking valley of palm trees.

El Golfo

Don't let the name confuse you, I promise it's not a golf course! Lanzarote formed out of the sea and is basically built on several volcanoes. Over thousands of years the eruptions and lava have helped shaped the landscape. El Golfo is a natural crater containing the most beautiful emerald green water. It is truly a feat of Mother Nature.

There's part one. I'll have part two for you tomorrow. 
I love looking through holiday snaps. So many happy memories.


Jesss said...

Lovely photos!
Glad to hear you had a great holiday :)


Alyx said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time, and Lanzarote looks amazing!!

Tif said...

THAT LOOKS AWESOME!!! Found you thru the blog hop! Following! YAY!

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