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Hey everyone!!! I'm Jess and I'm so thrilled that sweet Helen is letting me take over her blog for a few minutes while she's on holiday!  You can find me at Life With My Loves, my little space of internet property where you'll find me sharing my life with the Hubs and my 2 kiddos, Noah and Emmy.  I'm a Mommy, Wife, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Nurse, Wannabe Runner, Novice Photographer, Disney Junkie, and an avid Baseball fan.  My blog is all about the crazy going on in my life.  Stop on by and say hi sometime!!!

This is me and the Hubs
These are the kiddos....Emmy and Noah
Enough about me already....let's talk vacay!  Since Helen's having fun on her holiday, I figured why not talk about my dream vacation!  I am not a seasoned traveler at all.  I've never left the US and I really haven't traveled very many places.  But I do dream of jet-setting around the globe with the Hubs (and maybe the kiddos).  While spending numerous days on white sandy beaches is pretty high on my to-do list, my all time dream destination is Greece.
How gorgeous is that view?!?!?  The bright blue waters.  The stark white buildings.  It just screams "Visit Me!"  I imagine myself walking the streets or maybe even riding on a donkey (I obviously watch too many movies), taking in all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that Greece has to offer.  I'm a HUGE fan of Greek cuisine so having the opportunity to eat to my hearts desire...dream come true!  I also picture myself eating breakfast every morning right here, after waking up from my waterfront villa with windows open, sea air blowing:
 Fresh air, sunshine, relaxing with my love....what more could a girl ask for?
 I'm also a closet Greek Mythology nerd.  I have a Classics minor as well as my Nursing degree so being in a country with so much history and legend would be amazing.
I will see the Parthenon before I die.  So much of the foundation for civilization in general comes from this very country.  To stand in such a place would definitely be a once in a lifetime moment.  One that I hope to experience some day soon.  But until then, I'll dream of blue and white, while I eat olives, feta, hummus, and gyros!

What is your dream vacation?  Anyone want to plan a trip to Greece with me?!?!?  

Thanks again to Helen for letting me share my dream with all of you!!!

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Joanne Faith said...

Gorgeous! I would love to see Greece one day.

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