Living in a rabbit hole

Living at home with my family means I only have one little space that's 'mine'. My room.
I blog, run my shop, read, write, and sometimes crazy dance.
The only problem? It's tiny!

I love my little room and I honestly wouldn't change it for anything, but I've had to learn to create space and utilise the space I do have.
Here are my top tips for creating space:
1. Use every piece of available wall space for shelving and cabinets.

2. Buy plastic storage units.

3. Have a bed that has excellent storage space. I really couldn't live without mine!

4. Have dedicated spaces for everything.

5. However small the space, make it your own!

How do you create space in your own home?


Kelly said...

Great post! New follower! We are getting ready to downsize our family of 6 so I will need to figure out how to utilize our new smaller space wisely.

Julie said...

Great tips! I've slowly started organizing my pantry and cabinets by purchasing organizing devices (shelves, baskets) to better store items. I need to work on my closets next. They are a disaster of storage boxes.

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