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A few weeks ago I was approached by a lovely Lady called Janet asking if she could guest post here.
After a few e-mails back and forth it came to light that she worked for an American meal replacement company. As soon as I found this out I said no the guest post, as I just don't believe that meal replacements work in the long term.

However, Janet still e-mailed me the post and I loved it that much I've decided to post it!
No diet, meal replacement, calorie counting, or perfectly healthy. Whatever your physical state, we could all do with a confidence boost.

How to Build Confidence When the Chips are Down

Did you know that two out of every three people lack self-confidence?  Oh, they may not look it on the outside, but inside, many people constantly beat themselves up, criticizing everything about themselves; the way they look, their intelligence, how much money they make, their decision making abilities, etc, etc, etc.  The list goes on...and that’s when times are good.  The self-bashing really gets nasty when they’re facing difficulties. 
When life confronts you with challenges, you have two choices. Let circumstances pull you down into despair or believe in your own abilities to overcome the challenges.  The first alternative is the easy path to follow.  It’s not hard to fall into depression and sit helplessly bemoaning your fate.  On the other hand, the option to believe in yourself and have the confidence to refuse to give up is more difficult.  First, you have to convince yourself you are capable of surmounting the obstacles in front of you and then you have to follow through with the necessary steps to accomplish that goal.
When you’re in the midst of crisis, you may not truly believe you are able to get through the problems.  Whether you’re dealing with a troubled relationship, job loss, financial difficulties, or other types of stress, self-doubt is rampant.  The question is, how do you eliminate the insecurity and learn to believe in yourself? Here are some suggestions that work.

Admit you are not All Powerful

That may sound like a contradiction to confidence building, but think about it.  When you are struggling with issues like a broken romance, health problems, or unemployment, your first tendency is to blame yourself.  You tell yourself the situation is your own fault.  You weren’t good enough to hold on to your job, you didn’t take care of yourself well enough to stay healthy, and you lost your love because you are unworthy of love.
Do you really think you have the ability to control all those things?  You know in reality that’s not true. If it were someone else in your position, you wouldn’t blame him because the economy tanked and millions of people lost their jobs.  You wouldn’t accuse him of getting cancer because he didn’t take care of himself.  Why don’t you give yourself the same courtesy and admit that no single human has the power to control everything. 

Embrace the Power You Do Have

You are not powerless, however.  You have the power to decide how you will deal with life’s unexpected circumstances.  You have the power to choose to be positive or negative.  If you want to indulge in an endless pity party, that’s your choice.  If you want to find ways to feel better about yourself, you can choose to do that.  Remember, you do not have the power to change the past, but you do have the power to change the now.

Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Have you ever heard about self-fulfilling prophecies? Psychologists define self-fulfilling prophecies as negative thoughts that lead to negative results.  When you tell yourself “I’m stupid” or “I’m never going to find a job”, or “I can’t do anything right”, you make yourself believe that and act accordingly. 
You probably do this much more often than you realize.  Pay attention to your thoughts.  When you catch yourself putting yourself down, stop it.  Picture that negative thought as an annoying mosquito and squash it.
Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations.  Positive affirmations are positive statements repeated many times, driving them into your subconscious, and gearing your mind towards positive beliefs and actions.  Use present tense statements, not future tense.  Say things like:
      I am calm and relaxed
      I am confident and strong
      I am surrounded by love
      Everything is getting better everyday
By stating what you want to be true, you give your subconscious the power to believe it will be true despite the circumstances you are now facing.
As stated at the beginning of this article, the majority of people do lack self-confidence and even those who posses that quality often find it shrinking when facing a difficult situation in life.  It’s okay to take some time to grieve for a lost job or a broken relationship, but set a limit on your mourning time, then choose to take back control.  Believe in yourself and you will find your way.  Confidence is a state of mind.  Start traveling to it now.
Janet Lynch loves to blog about all things health. She works with the latest diet food delivery service where she helps others accomplish their weight loss goals.

I am in no way affiliated with this company.

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