I've grown a moustache......

.....on my nails.
I had you going there didn't I?
Don't its not some random side effect of me being in a foreign country, before I left I thought I'd try out some nail decals.
I just couldn't resist the moustache ones, cute huh?

This picture shows perfectly how it should be done, but this is me we're talking about.

I opted for water transfer decals, which are like temporary tattoos. Basically because I couldn't afford decals. Man, I was worried; new nails polish, wet fingers, backing paper, argh! I had visions of mini moustaches flying everywhere, and at first it was like that.
Then I got the hang of it.
I cut the decals to size.

Painted my nails a neutral colour.

Put the transfers in water for 30 seconds.

The first one looked great.

Then this happened......

Even the smallest moustache wouldn't fit!
I have freakishly small hands/nails. They are like a child's. Seriously. When I go for a manicure I get charged a child's price, which is a good thing but not in the case of nail transfers.

I even attempted to cut them, but then they just looked like weird bats.
If you have long/normal nails then these will look great!
For now I think I'll just stick with the thumb.


Vanz said...

I think they still look great :') I love hailthenails! :D


Tausha said...

Where did you find these? INCREDIBLE!!!

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