I am proud of my size

Can you tell this week I've been a little self empowered? First my womanifesto and now this.
Yes that's me a week ago in a swimming costume.
6 months ago I would never have dreamed of posting this. Even now I feel a little nervous, but don't judge away. I am proud of who I am, the size I am, and what I believe in.
Sure I expect a few negative hater comments, but I'm willing to let that be.
I am a confident, intelligent, self assured woman.
So what I'm fat. Get over it!


Julie said...

Good for you for being comfortable with yourself!

I approved your medium ad for my blog. I will submit mine to you when I get home later today. What is your code for the free swap for your medium ad? Thanks so much for advertising with me. :)


Priscilla said...

You are very inspiring dear.I just discovered your blog and really like it.! I just shared my Clozette Fashion Finds on my blog. If you have a minute, I would love to hear your comment.
Also, let me know if you want us to follow each other. I will definitely follow you back...

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The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Congrats to you for having the courage to put a picture of you in a swim suit for all of your followers to see!! I do not have that courage yet but you inspire me!

MerMarty said...

You go, Helen! Fearless! I struggle with my weight, and this is so inspiring and encouraging to me. :) Thank you!

SimplyyMayra said...

Yaaay! Helen! You go guurrrrl! YOU are beautiful just the way you are! OMG! Helen...I don't know if I could do it! But you sure did inspire me! Tootles!

~SimplyyMayra ;)

missflash said...

Congratulations for your confidence and inspiration. I need to take a leaf out of your book. Keep blogging x

Arya said...

I love your swim suit...It's super cute and looks great on you!

Alyx said...

Good for you for being comfortable in your own skin, Helen!

quintonwench said...

Good for you Helen! I am not very comfortable with my size, I really wish I could just accept who I am and not let it rule my life.

I think I need to take a leaf out of your book!

Thanks for sharing

Kathryn said...

Love your swim suit, the colours are amzaing and it suits you :)

I just stumbled on to your blog and am enjoying reading through it :)


Erin said...

You are beautiful and your confidence just makes you shine!! I just stumbled upon your cute blog & so glad I did - healthy body image is something so close to my heart as I've watched people close to me suffer from eating disorders because they were made fun of for how they looked. You are an excelllent role model for young women!
Now following :)



Poppy said...

Super cute suit! Love the colors, the stripes & the cut.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

You're gorgeous. That's such a cute swimming costume! I'm glad you're comfortable with who you are. That confidence makes you so much more beautiful too. I hope other women and girls follow your example and be happy with who they are xoxox

lovejoy_31 said...

BRAVO!!!! That is awesome and amazing. You are so brave. I still don't have that confidence.

Following from A Joyful Life

Rachele Nearsighted Owl said...

I can relate to what you said so much! I am also seeing myself taking photos of myself that I would never take or post before the link up. You are gorgeous! I love the colors!

Christine said...

that is a really cute suit - may i ask where you got it?

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