Happy Birthday Mum!

You know how I'm always saying my life is crazy right? I mean haha crazy, not I'm so busy I'm going to pull my hair out crazy; although that sometimes happens too!
Well this is part of the reason why.

My Mother!
OK so she's totally going to kill me for posting this photo, but I love to see her laugh.
It's her birthday today and I want the world to know what an amazing person she is.
We've all been through a tough year but she's never stopped smiling and I know she's come out stronger.

She's the one person who's been with me through everything, and although I was far from the perfect teenager she never stopped supporting me.

I hope you have an amazing birthday Mum you so deserve it. I can't wait to celebrate with you. 4 days until we're chilling in the sun with a glass of wine =)

I love you x

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