Friday's Letters

You remember I mentioned here I'm aiming to be a little more open and honest in this little space.
Linking up with a Friday Letter is my start and definitely a step in the right direction.

Dear Weight Watchers member who reported my Mum and I with the excuse that we were abrupt welcoming you and got us fired, I forgive you.

Dear first time spray tan tomorrow, please, please, please, please turn out OK. I really don't want to be orange.

Dear Sun, please stay over Lanzarote for ooooo I don't know, the next 10 days sounds good!

Dear amazing marketing company I would love to work for, please give me a job =)

Dear Friends, I know I'm not always great and keeping in contact. That doesn't mean I don't think about you everyday.

Dear Family, I am sorry for being a little blog obsessed lately. You know you are the most important people in my life, but I also need you to understand blogging makes me happy. Currently it's the only place where I feel I can be 100% me and people still like me for it. I need you to respect that. I'd love for you to be involved a little more too.

Dear Readers, I love you, like 100%, love.

Dear God, We lost our connection for a while didn't we? Forgive me. We need to reconnect.


OK so maybe it wasn't pouring my heart out on a page, but its a start.

Have you written a Friday Letter?


Nicajoice said...

I do agree that blogging allows us to express ourselves freely... When I am to stressed - I blog, and it calms me down. :) I also tend to be so open about my feelings in my own space. Glad to know you're starting to express here more. :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Found your blog through the link-up.


Your Plucky Picaroon said...

Good luck with the spray tan!! I'm sure it will be fine. :)

Shelby said...

Hey there! I just stumbled on your blog, and its so adorable!! I'd love it if we followed each other:)

Shelby xoxo

LolitaRose said...

hi :) I found your blog through the link up <3

I'm pretty bad at keeping in contact with people too - not that I forget about them and stop caring about them, but sometimes life is so full it's hard to take a second to keep in touch with everyone. Glad to hear I'm not alone!
Good luck with your spray tan!

you can find me at

Kristine @ The Foley Fam {unedited} said...

Loved that you joined in!! Looking forward to more of your posts :) XOXO

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