Double snap time is good for you

One lot of pics is great, but two can make it so much better.
I have to be honest, I can't stop looking at my holiday pics. I want to go back!! I don't want to be sat by a computer all day searching for jobs. Ah, the post-holiday blues.

Reminisce with me a while......
Timanfaya National Park

This place is beautiful. It made me laugh at first because its the only national park I know that you can't go walking in! Lanzarote, geologically, is an extremely important place. It harbours some organisms that can't be found anywhere else in the world, all down the the lava. We were told that if one tire track or footstep was imprinted in the sand it would take 9 months for that to disappear. So you can see everything the Government have built a one track road through some of the more stable landscape. Basically you take a coach tour through what feels like a movie set. 
I loved this trip. I got to make friends with camels too! It was very windy though, I thought I was going to blow over. I think my hair is evidence of that.


Teguise is the old capital and consequently one of the oldest cities in Lanzarote. Every Sunday it also holds the largest market in the Canaries. I may have bought too much jewellery, but how much is too much, right? I got annoyed at the 'Best Imported British Food' van. I'm on holiday in a foreign country I want to experience the culture, not eat a fry up.  I thought the prospect of selling freshly squeezed orange juice out of a giant orange was pure genius. I loved the fact that a local farmer had brought his animals to the market to show off. How clever is that dog? All credit to the donkey too. I'm not condoning animal cruelty, but if a poor farmer can make some money of gullible tourists, I'm not holding it against him.

Last Days

My last days on this beautiful island were spent at the beach and enjoying the final sunny, happy moments with my wonderful family.

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