Button Bracelets

I've had so many people comment and tell me they are not crafty, well this post is for you.

You don't have to be crafty for this. Yes technically its a craft, but its so simple I promise you anyone can do it.

Simple Button Bracelet

You will need:
String/ribbon. Whatever you want to use as long as you can thread it is fine.
Button. Any type will do.

What to do:
1. Cut two length of string. Make sure they are long enough to fit around your wrist.
2. Take your button and thread the string through it.
3. Tie it round your wrist.

I did promise it was simple.

You make like 100 in a hour, challenge anyone?

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Sammantha said...

This is great! And so simple, thanks for posting!

Loving your blog, stop by mine and say hi sometime!

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