Travelling this summer?

This was originally a guest post for Laura at Our Reflection, but since I'm going away next week and just in case you haven't read it I thought I'd share.

Where have you travelled too? 
I've been to Italy, France, Spain and far.
My favourite place? Lecce in Southern Italy wins hands down!
I lived there as an Au Pair for 3 months and it was honestly the most amazing experience of my life.

Lecce, Italy

Do you like travelling alone?
Personally I love it, I went to Ghana and Italy alone. The only person you have to rely on is you, and you can go anywhere and do anything you like. I want to see the world, with only a suitcase for company.
Speaking of travelling alone, here are my top 10 tips:
  1. Tell your family your itinerary.
  2. Give your family photocopies of all your important documents, passport etc.
  3. Make sure you have REALLY good travel insurance.
  4. Have common sense with valuables. Don't go flashing that designer watch around.
  5. Take a computer, or make sure you can access one along the way. Its going to be your main source of contact with your loved ones, and when you thousands of miles from home it becomes to precious.
  6. Don't just take cash. Take a pre-paid card that you can use all over the world and cancel if it gets stolen.
  7. Find other travellers before you go. The best outcome is that you can meet up with someone whilst your travelling, and if not you may chat to someone who's already been where your going.
  8. Follow local dress and behaviour customs. Remember you are a guest in another country.
  9. Wear a wedding ring, even if your not married. No seriously. This helped me so much in Ghana, when I was proposed too several times without even so much as a hello. Show them the ring and the unwanted attention backs off. It is definitely like a security blanket.
  10. Pack light!! I cannot stress this enough. Pack your backpack {its called 'backpacking for a reason :)}, and then take half of it out. I promise you that is all you will need. You will be able to wash yourself and your clothes many times along your journey, so 25 t-shirts just isn't needed.
Rouen, France.

What do you take when you're 'packing light'?
Another top tip list for you now! If you are really, really, really going to try packing light {I know how difficult it is ladies!} then this is the sometimes ruthless advice your going to need.
Just remember your not travelling to look stylish, your travelling to see the world.

  1. Imagine you are just going away for the weekend. You don't actually need that much more stuff on a year long trip, you just think you do.
  2. Don't take things you could do with, only take things you could not do without.
  3. Decide what ratio of comfort:misery your willing to tolerate. You may really need that warm sweater, but another person will see it as a luxury. Its all about the individual, YOU are doing the trip after all.
  4. Do away with books. I know, its hard for a book lover like me too. Honestly though, print or photocopy all the information you need from guide books instead. It will save you a load of space.
  5. Don't overdo the toiletries, you'll be able to buy most of them when your there.
Otranto, Italy

I'm off to Lanzarote very soon, excited!
Where are you going/have been this summer?

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Chelsea said...

I did a backpacking trip for one and a half months with my boyfriend last year!! San Sebastian in Spain was my fave, LOVE it, so gorgeous! I want to do a whole trip of just spain

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