Sailor's Knot Headband

I'm so excited! 2 weeks today and I will be sunning myself in Lanzarote.

First though, how cute is this sailor's knot headband?

Its the first thing pinterest threw up when I searched for 'nautical crafts'.
I really wish I had some proper red and white sailors rope, but I didn't. The knot itself is small with the natural string I used. It still looks cute though!

4 yards of rope or ribbon cut into 4 equal strands.
2 x 3 inch pieces of felt.
Hair band.
Sewing needle.

The following pictures show you step by step who to make the sailor's knot with your first two strands of rope. Pay careful attention to which strand is on top or under the other. 

Now take your third and fourth strands of rope and snake them side by side into the knot by the first two strands.
Slowly pull the knot tighter, keeping it even and the knot flat.

Take your needle and thread and about 1 inch from the knot sew together then four strands of rope to keep them flat on the back. Repeat on the other side.

Trim your ropes so that all of the ends are even and the whole thing is about 19 inches long with the knot at about 7.5 inches (so that it is on the side of your head).
Take your 2 pieces of felt and sew one end onto the strands of rope.

Take your hair band and place on the other end of the felt. Fold the felt up and sew in place along the rope so it covers the stitch lines already made. Put a few stitches above the hair band to keep it in place.

Try on the headband to see if you need to take any length off. If you do them trim a little of the rope before continuing. Now repeat the previous steps on the other side of your headband.

Now rock you new look!


Joslin said...

Wow that's cute! I'll have to try this out!

Rakel said...

Hi!!! Love your blog! would you like to follow each other?!

Let me know!

Have a nice day!

Diana Marks said...

it's an amazing DIY! thanks for sharing. look very cute!

If you like it, follow my new up and coming blog on Bloglovin' and I will follow you back with pleasure. Just let me know in the comments ;)

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Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

This is such a wonderful idea, especially for your trip! I love that you do these yourself, rather then just posting pictures etc of what others have done. You are the craftiest person I know!

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