THE Perfect Summer Hair

OK so I've had the same haircut since I was about 8. Its an inverted bob, and it suits me. My hair is sooooo think but super fine too, aka majorly annoying! When its too long it hangs limp on my head, it      basically looks like a mop, so an inverted bob it will always be.

Looks good right?

Normally my hair is ginger strawberry blonde, but in the summer it turns blonde; Thank You sun for natural highlights!
The sun can literally kill your hair though, and make it so difficult to style. So here are my top 'keep you hair perfect' summer care tips.

Rinse, rinse, rinse! Always rinse your hair with fresh water before a swim in the pool or sea (yes those signs at the swimming pool are for your benefit). It helps slow down the absorption of dehydrating chlorine and salt into the hair.

Yes, ketchup. That's right ladies, what you always though was an old wives tale is in fact true. The copper sulphate used in pools to kill algae can turn your beautiful blonde locks green. Massage ketchup into dry hair to lightly cover it, then leave for a few minutes before rinsing out.

Ditch the electricity. Try a surf spray instead. Bumble & Bumble surf spray is one of my favourites. It adds a tousled texture and shine. Perfect for those beach waves. 

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. John Lewis. £19
Which of these summer styles is your favourite?

What is your ultimate summer hair care product?


all about the girl said...

I really need to try out that bumble and bumble surf spray, it's meant to be really good :) xx

Jenn @ PSP said...

This is super cute! I was so excited about the tip to rinse your hair with warm water before going into the pool - how did I never know that?? Good to know! And I have brown hair that doesn't really turn green in the pool, but it sure does dry out because of the chlorine. Love the first picture hairstyle, and yours! I'd love to try the B&B surf spray, but it's a little too expensive for me - I found a homemade spray that I'm probably going to try soon ; )

Helen said...

Homemade surf spray?! Ummmm share please hehe =)

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