I'm a blog angel not a stalker, honest.

Since the start of the month I've been taking part in the cutest project; being a blog angel.
Started my the totally wonderful Rosie @ Craftbotic and Katyln @ Dreamy Meadow - Thank You ladies!

Who doesn't want a blog angel, right? Someone looking out for you and your little blog, and making it extra special for a month.
As blog angels, we weren't given any specific tasks, just a partner to watch over for the month and help out in anyway we can.
Its only the halfway point so there is no way I'm going to tell you what I've been doing yet.

Whoever my blog angel is, I think I know who you are! You've done an amazing job and I thank you already. My readers have grown, on my blog and social networking sites. Maybe its not down to you 100%,   but I'm glad you've been taking care of Eat.Enjoy.Live along with me.

As for the person I've been looking after I apologise now. By the end of the month you may think you have a  crazy stalker rather than a blog angel. I've not been obsessive, honest. Just tried to help you out. I feel like I know you, like we're already friends. OK I kinda feel like your my secret crush and I'm writing your name all over my notebooks, that's not weird right?

I think I better finish this post before I give something away.

I cannot wait until the end of the month and the final link up, then I can give up this stalker business!


Katlyn Larson said...

Bahhaha! I love this.. I feel like at times I do the same thing to my Blog Angel! Love your comparisons to the notebook! Thank you for linking up Helen! :)

Rosie said...

This is such a cute post and I love the new blog design. There is no such thing as stalkers in blog land only slightly obsessive 'friends' Thank you for taking part. I hope you'll join us in August. xx

Alyx said...

Such a fun project!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

HAHA crazy stalker eh!?! Well, at least that way you know you're doing your job! ;)

Megan Jane said...

I've never heard of this project but it sounds fun! Keep up the good work! xo

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Oh Helen you're truly an angel. And if you were stalking me I'd be honored! ;) This sounds like a wonderful project, and I love what you've been doing with your blog xoxox

Julie Marie said...

this is hilarious girl.. don't ever give up the stalker business.. and i mean it.. ppl love a good blog stalker =)

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