How to get US goodies

OK so UK ladies, if you already know this ignore this post, but if not you are going to love me for the information I'm about to give you.

You know when you find something you totally love on an American site, but then discover they don't ship internationally, well its no longer a problem!
Go to and get yourself an account. So its not free, but at only $10 for basic membership and items being so cheaper in the US it's all relative. What they do is give you an America address which you use when you order and then they forward you the items.
I've never used it myself but I read it in a book yesterday and just knew I had to share this with you.

I'm not sure if there are any extra custom charges etc. I presume they are included in the shipping you pay. I'm definitely going to buy something, but small to start with I think.

This post is finishing now so you can all rush over, and GO!

I wasn't asked to write this post. Just sharing info =)


The White List said...

Quick question - what about customs charges?

Kim Wedlock said...

It sounds like a great idea, but it also sounds so very suspicious, not to mention there's generally a reason that websites won't ship overseas, be it legal issues or they don't want the hassel - what happens if the order is tracked, reaches the US address but then goes missing on its way to you? It deceives the company and is usually against TaC.

That said, I'm gonna read up more about it, because I can't count the number of times I've seen such things on US websites and been unable to get them sent here, and then settle for a usually crappy alternative from elsewhere.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

That's pretty interesting, I'd be curious to see how you go. It sounded a little dodgy, so I would agree, start with something small and see how you go :) And let us know ;)

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