Charity Shop Haul

Phew the past few days have been hectic.
Full of travelling and the joy that is unpacking.
I went thrifting with Mum on Saturday. I didn't have as an amazing haul as I wanted. My plan was to get everything for my holidays, but I still got lots of lovely things. I even had money left over to buy shoes, isn't that always the best?

Sheer mustard blouse - £3.49
I've waited so long for a sheer blouse. I may have let out a little scream when I found it.

Books - £1-£1.50
Yes I'm a book addict!

Bag - £3.99
Perfect for sightseeing, plus is has a zip. No worry about my valuables being on show - bonus.

Necklace - £1.50
Bracelets - £1

My next purchases weren't strictly charity shop, but I thought they were too good to pass up!

Recipe folder - £4.99
I have been so desperate for a new one of these, my old one is about to break because its so full.

Canvas pumps (Tesco) - £8

Nautical rope espadrilles (Tesco) - £7

I call that a good weekend's shopping. 

Have you noticed something new about the blog?

Its all new!
Thanks to the wonderful Sue at As it seems, doesn't it look great?
I am completely in love with it.

Right I'm off to sell old clothes on Ebay. I need money for Euros!

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Heather said...

I just got the Nanny Diaries to read as well! You'll have to let me know what you think!

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