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How are you all this Tuesday afternoon?
Work has started again for me after the spring bank holiday. I only have 9.5 more working days until I finish for the summer though!

Welcome to my first ever beauty review.
You're going to have to bear with me. I hardly wear make-up, I only put a 'full face' on when its a special occasion, why? Well I've been plagued by acne since I was a teenager, now nearly 25 and thanks to numerous different medications it has got loads better. I'm very aware though that make-up isn't the best thing for it, and I don't want to take a step backwards.

I thought I'd share with you what I do wear everyday.

The first thing I always do is put on W7's Light Diffusing Concealer. Only 99p! I have used YSL Touche Eclat before and I would compare it to that. 

It has a creamy texture that covers the shadows and bags under my eyes. It stays put all day too. In fact I've never even had to touch it up. Its now my make-up bag staple.

I use the next two products in many different combinations.
If my acne's not too bad I just I just wear the BB cream.
If I look like crater face then the colour supplement goes on too.

I first got Lush's colour supplement free about 3 years ago. I fell in love instantly! They make it in different colours, but I plumped for the yellow. Yellow counteracts the redness of acne don't you know.

Personally I use it like a concealer, and boy does it work! Covering up my spots perfectly, its not a heavy cream and it doesn't make my skin break out even more - bonus!

I'd been wanting to try a BB cream for ages, but I thought it was all to expensive when I might not even like the product.
Then I found Superdrug's BB cream, £6.99.

I panicked so much when I first used it. It's really dark for a 'light' colour cream.
I really had no need to panic though. It blends perfectly on the face. Covers up my pores, not spots unfortunately.
I would definitely by this product again though. It even has an SPF 15 included.

My daily make up routine always ends with No. 17's shine control pressed powder, £3.99.
I have really oily skin, and the shine control in this product does help.
I use the neutral shade lightly over my face.

Wow, it sounds like I cake my face in this stuff!

And to take it all off?
Such and amazing product and well worth the pennies.

Do you wear a foundation everyday, or something lighter?


Julie Marie said...

i have major crater face and i hate it... lots of scarring from acne and lots of little random bumps and redness everywhere. you cant tell in pics because i edit it out, but before the editing its bad.. although in person its not horrible, it just shows up horribly in pics. i have never been able to find anything to fix this. so i always wear concealer and foundation. i wish i didnt have to though =(

Sarah said...

I wear foundation but not everyday. During the weekend I am usually make up free, I only really wear foundation to work.

I really want to try a BB cream so thank you for the suggestion! I've been wanting to try a BB cream for a while too but you're right, a lot are expensive xx

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