We need a catch up......

Oh thank goodness, you're still here! I know I've been totally MIA lately but things have been hectic and blogging has been the last thing on my mind.

What's been going on with you?

I'm loving spending the day catching up with all your blogs, and I hope you enjoy catching up with me too.

Are you like me and weather changes your mood? I'm sure everyone is like it in someway. Well I LOVE the summer! The sun has been shining these past two days and my mood has lifted. I wanna go walking, bake, eat healthy, craft, and just love life.
I need to soak up as much sunshine as possible to keep this feeling going.
Why am I so happy?

Summer is coming......
I have a job interview on Friday, woop woop!
I lost another 2.5lbs this week, totaling 4lbs.
I'm starting my first linky party (look out for 'here comes the summer' in a few weeks.)
I feel at peace with myself.

I am a strong woman but sometimes my strength falters and I struggle to find it again. I had a revelation; I don't have to be strong all the time. It is OK to feel weak and need help.
I may not be the prettiest, most talented, have the best job, have masses of savings, earn lots of money, have a really good social life, be strong all the time, and I may be 6 stone overweight, but I am happy being me.

What's happening with Eat.Enjoy.Live...

I've got some gorgeous recipes coming your way.
A couple of crafts too.
'Here comes the Summer' linky party.

And even more exciting.....
I'm accepting sponsors from 1st July! (more details to follow) There will be large, medium, and small ad spaces. If you are interested in sponsoring, e-mail eatenjoyliveh@gmail.com and I will reserve you a slot.
I'm also looking for guest posts when I am away in July. Fancy posting? E-mail eatenjoyliveh@gmail.com.

Have a great day!


Rachel Heslop said...

Congrats on the weightloss - a reason to smile for sure.

Rachel x

vanessalillian [Ness@theteensytinyinsignificantdetails] said...

Congratulations on the loss - you're doing great :) I wish it was spring here and not autumn. Coming into summer is always so much more inspiring...

Good luck in the job interview!

Julie Marie said...

hello new friend, from the funny thing of it is =) so nice to meet new friends via meet and tweet!! thanks for stopping by on twitter and saying hello! i love meeting new ladies... i love this post. so bright and sunshiney!! i am not a huge summer lover, but i love beautiful days.. just not hot days..haha.. thanks for making my night cheery with this!!

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