'Skinny Meals in Heels'

Who doesn't want to own this book right? I mean just by the title it sounds fabulous!

I grabbed it off the shelf at the library as soon as I saw it, and it hasn't disappointed.

I've already bookmarked about 20 recipes, so I have some cooking to do!
There will be recipe posts coming up from it, which I can't wait to share with you.

Some of my current favourites are:

Oven-dried cherry tomatoes with lemon-oregano salt.
Turkish pepper and feta salsa with pita crisps.
Brown rice salad with poached chicken, broccoli and miso dressing.
Wholemeal linguine with broccoli, garlic, chilli and lemon.
Little cocoa kisses.

I mean how wonderfully good does every single one of those sound?
I'm stupidly excited to have the brown rice salad and oven-dried tomatoes on my menu this week.

The amazing writer, Jennifer Joyce even has her own blog; Meals in Heels.

If you fancy purchasing this book you can get it from Amazon, or maybe you'll be lucky enough to find it in your local library.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog Helen - so interesting

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I've made a note to get this book. I just finished reading Lunch in Paris: A Delicious Love Story with Recipes (by Elizabeth Bard) and enjoyed it, especially the recipes :)

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