Going to the diet dark side

Many of you will have have been following my weight loss journey.
I know I haven't posted about this for ages; I'll be honest, I'm useless at keeping up with posts.

Here's your update.

I've officially gone over to the dark side. That's right, you hear me correctly, I've swapped Weight Watchers for Slimming World.

Now before all you Weight Watchers' hit that unfollow button, I'm still going to point my recipes, as well as syn (slimming world's version of points) them.

Weight Watchers just wasn't working, no matter how hard I tried!
I'm one of those awkward people who doesn't want choice in an eating plan. Give me the option to have an apple or some chocolate and I'm going to choose the chocolate. It is just the way my little brain and lack of willpower work.
I want someone to tell me you can eat this, and you can't eat that.
Slimming World doesn't exactly do that, but it is structured in a way that stops me from eating 'bad' things.

Most foods are 'free', meaning you can eat as much of them as you like, seriously you do hear me correctly right now.
Most fruit and veg is 'free' as well as meats, fish, potatoes yes, I mean homemade chips!, and pasta oh the carbs!, amongst other things.

Then you have your syns. You can have between 5-15 a day, its totally up to you. Going out? Have more. Want a really good weightloss? Have less.

Now I'll be honest, you all know I can never resist a slice of cake, and yes instead I'm going to blame it on the 'diet transistion', but for the past two weeks I just haven't been sticking to it.

I have a holiday coming up though! Benalmadena with my bestest girl Gemma.

Yes I'm going to say those infamous words; "I'm starting again!"

Seriously though, if any of you get that bloggers psychic feeling that I'm eating something bad I want you to slap it virtually out of my hand, right? You all on board with this?

Well here I go again................

I am in no way affliated with Slimming World. Just sharing my journey with you.


Fash Boulevard said...

You've got this girl. You're gonna look so fabulous. xo

Fabrizia said...

Good luck with it, I'm sure you will reach your goal!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

Marta said...

I've been trying to lose a bit of fat although I can't really complain about my weight, but it's just one of those things you wanna improve. Good luck, you can do it!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Count me in! Maybe I should just send you random twitter messages throughout the random "Helen...step away from the cookie!"...."Helen...you do not want that cake, you want a carrot!" ;) What are friends for <3

jennicampbell85 said...

I'm a slimming world girl!! Hit my target in October - lets not talk about the fact I've put few pounds back on tho lol. Seriously though, I'm going back to group after a few weeks off and I know I'll get them off in a week or two so I'm not worried. I think SW encourages you to eat better things as I found WW encouraged me to eat microwave meals. The only downside to SW is that it can encourage large protions sometimes.

Jenni x


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