Fabric Flower Headband

I found this tutorial on Kinsey's wonderful blog Sincerely, Kinsey. She always comes up with the prettiest DIY projects. I mean seriously, how cute is her rope belt tutorial?

Back to the flowers! I made mine out of felt, as its the material I have most of, but you can use anything really.

The most importantly good thing (I realise that isn't actually a phrase!) about these is they are so versatile. I made a headband out of them, but you can use them for anything. How about using them as decorations for wrapping presents?

You will need:

Needle and thread

How to:
1. Cut out the petals and circles to create the flowers. Make various shapes and sizes to give interest to your piece. For the big flowers I used 4 petals and the little ones had 5.
2. Begin sewing the petals together and then sew on the circle, and buttons. Continue this process until all the flowers have been made.
You can stop here if you don't want to make the headband.
3. Lay the flowers into a pattern you like and sew them onto a strip of colour coordinating fabric.
4. Add a piece of elastic, big enough to fit your head, on either end of the strip of the fabric.
5. You're done! It looks good!

As well as a cute DIY project, I thought I'd share my menu for the week with you.

I wasn't planning on posting any recipes this week, but if you want the recipe for one of them just leave me a comment.

Saturday - Pork burgers and wedges.
Sunday - Meatloaf and mash.
Monday - Garlic, tomato and herb pasta.
Tuesday - Omelette.
Wednesday - Lemon and sausage ragu.
Thursday - Roast in a bag (it is soooo clever).
Friday - Vegetable pizza.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!


Angie said...

that is SO cute!


patience said...

that's an adorable headband - it would take me forever to sew if i did that!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I've been meaning to buy one of these headbands from Etsy but still haven't got around to it. Yours looks great!

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