DIY Notebook/Blog Organiser

I don't know about you, but since the age of about 8, I've been trying to figure out how to make notebooks without gluing, sewing, or having the pages in a very random order.

Well I think I've cracked it! Thanks to pinterest, and a little bit of glue, I can now make notebooks! Of course I'm going to share the tutorial with you guys too.

I'm covering mine in washi tape and making them my new blog planning notebooks.

You will need:

6 pieces of A5 sized paper (I just cut A4 in half) 
Glue (super works best)
A piece of card or pretty paper for the cover, even a photo would be good

How to:
1. Fold all the pieces of A5 paper in half.

2. In half (3) of them cut a 1 inch slit in the top and bottom, where the fold is. We'll call these X. The rest want a slit leaving 1 inch on either end. Let's call these Y. (I hope this all makes sense! I've never been very good at instructions.)
3. X and Y fit together. Roll one half of an X page slight, this is what the slits are for, and push it through the Y opening. There you go! You've put pages together. Now just 'attach' the rest. Threading X through Y.

4. Cut a piece of card to fit your notebook and glue down the fold. Glue your notebook pages in and leave to dry.

I REALLY hope the pictures helped you more than the instructions. I'm one of those people you never ask for directions!

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