I saw this plaque in a shop on holiday, and after reading the quote I knew I had to buy it.
I've been reflecting on myself recently and have come to realise that there is still a lot I need to learn in life.
This quote just about sums it all up. Be kind to one another, after all its all we've got!

H xo

NB: Happy Easter! I hope y'all have a lovely time with friends and family.


melita said...

lovely.. thanks for sharing :)

Happy Easter to you too!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

This is one of my favourite quotes as well, I loved that it was used in the movie Iron Lady :)

New Life in Spain said...

Hi there, I came over from Vanisha's blog, and what meets me? First a recipe for delicious oat cookies (looove it) and then this very inspirational quote! Great!!

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