A little bird told me + A winner!

Have you ever heard of the brave girls club

Run by two amazing ladies; Kathy Wilkins and Melody Ross. The brave girls club is a online community where women can get together and share ideas and experiences. Not only that but they run some amazing online classes {try soul restoration} and mountain retreats

Seriously who wouldn't want to be part of a group of brave and beautiful women?!

How did I find out about the brave girls club I hear you ask. The answer through their wonderfully beautiful and uplifting daily e-mails. They really are the perfect way to start the day. Over the past week they have even made me cry! Its seems like every letter was written 100% specifically for me.

I urge you join me and get your daily 'a little bird told me' e-mails. Every women should start the day off on the right foot.
a little bird told me...your daily truth from the Brave Girls Club
Thank You so much to everyone who entered my recent giveaway. We have a winner!

Congratulations......Rosie Q!

I'll be in touch soon.
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Sarah said...

I've just taken a look now and I will definitely consider joining the community. It seems like a humble place, and I'd be interested in reading about other people's experiences and ideas. Thank you for the recommendation xo

Emmett Katherine said...

I haven't heard of this community, I'm curious and off to check it out now!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Thanks for sharing this Helen. I had a blog friend that's been looking for a community to join, can't wait to pass this onto her :)

Is that header new? It looks great!

Louise said...

Congrats to the winner xx

Helen said...

Hey girl! Yes the header's new, and thanks! So sorry to hear your not feeling well. Get better soon!! x

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