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If you haven't already realised I am away at the moment. The internet usually works, so I thought I would have no problem blogging. Unfortunately the internet has been done for the past 4 days, and I have missed you and all your blogs.

Luckily I have the most amazing Lady guest posting for you today.

Vanisha for Vanisha's life in Australia has written the most amazing post on balcony gardens for you. She's on holiday too at the moment in her home country of Fiji, and I've written a guest post for her. Make sure you check it out over the next couple of weeks.

Over to you Vanisha!

Hello readers of Eat.Enjoy.Live!. I’m Vanisha from Vanisha’s Life in…Australia. Helen asked me to do a guest post whilst she’s enjoying a lovely holiday! I’m in Fiji at the moment on holiday too but I couldn’t pass up the chance to help Helen out and meet all of you!
Last year I started a balcony garden and so I thought I'd write about that today. Helen always has such great recipes on her blog and lots of healthy living advice (remember her great seasonal fruits and vegetable chart?), so I thought this would be perfect for her and her readers. I must say it was the images of balcony gardens that got me motivated to do one myself! 
I thought I’d give you a few of my tips. I’m no expert. These are just lessons I have learnt along the way.
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The first was, some of the expert advice I got, just didn’t work! A couple of my plants died or didn’t grow well. I got rid of them and started again. I think just watching them grow and getting a feel of how things are going is more effective then following a book to the letter. You’ll learn as you go along, I sure did. And you’ll notice the plants responding to what you do, or don’t do. The best way to figure things out, in my opinion.
The beginnings of my garden
If you have the space, I would suggest a few bigger pots as opposed to many small pots. Plants (like us) like their space!
Big(ger) pots next time!
My husband mixed what we grew in each big pot and it seems to have worked. So we had Gardenia (flowers) and rocket (lettuce) growing in the same pot and they turned out just fine!
They actually GREW!
If you’re planting with seeds – keep the packet! I threw some of mine away and misplaced the rest. The seed packets contain information about how to harvest your plants. So important! I uprooted my rocket only to find the packet later and learnt that they would have grown up to three more times after the first harvest! I was so annoyed!
Rocket from the garden and my strawbabies (strawberries!
I was worried about failure – nothing I’ve ever planted has ever grown! And considering the first couple of plants I planted died, I was upset but then I harvested some rocket and the herbs are flourishing! I definitely think it’s worth a try. I had to give it a go a few times and learnt along the way but that was half the fun.
Helen's seasonal food chart has been handy to have around as well.
I love watching the plants grow, especially from seeds. It’s exciting! I'm not expert but this is what I've learnt. More then anything, I've learnt to give it a go! 
Thank you Helen for having me over. You’re such a beautiful person and I’m so glad our paths crossed.
Have you got a garden? A balcony garden?
What would your tips be? 
Is this something you would try?
I hope you come by my blog and say hi! I'd love to get your know you!

Thanks for much for that lovely post Vanisha. Go and check out her blog everyone!

H xo


Anne said...

Hi Helen! Came over from Vanisha's blog! Hope you are having a good holiday! New follower:)

Helen said...

Hi Anne, and welcome! Thanks for following :) x

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