DIY - Felt Bows

I was dusting off my craft store the other day and found (in the depths) some beautiful lace and felt that I had forgotten I had. Consequently I put down the duster and got out my glue gun instead.
These bows are so simple and extremely versatile; perfect for the seasoned or first time crafter.

Felt Bows

You will need:

1. Cut two strips of felt (approx 1cm wide), relatively the same size. The length of your felt will vary, depending on how big you want the bow.
2. Take one strip and glue the ends of the felt into the middle. This will give you the basic shape of your bow.
3. Where the ends are joined together (at the seam), put a tiny bit of glue. Then pinch the felt together. You have to hold this until the glue sets, as you really don't want it falling apart. You should now have a recognisable bow shape.
4. Take your second piece of felt and glue to the base of your bow. Cut off the excess and cut little triangles out of the ends. This is the 'ribbon' for your bow.
5. Take a piece of lace; you'll only need the tiniest bit. Wrap it around the centre of the bow and glue in place.

NB: In the end I didn't make any 'ribbon' for the ring, it just made it too big.

That's it! Attach to rings, shoes, brooches, hair slides, bags, clothes, parcels, notebooks.

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Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I've always wanted a hot glue gun! I've seen a cool looking hot pink one too! Your crafts are beautiful. I would love to make one into a brooch. I love brooches, might have to give this a whirl!

LINDA said...


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