Friday Fancies - Its Not Easy Being Green

I LOVE fashion, but when your living off little money and trying to save frantically for the perfect girly holiday; beautiful new clothes become less of a priority.
I've decided to link up with AV over at long distance loving. Posting my Friday Fancies means I can get that shoppers buzz without even having to open my purse.

I love the Spring, which to me is represented by the colour green, thankfully its also the colour of the season! I don't have the confidence/style to carry off an all green combo, so this is my take on the green trend coming your way.

1. Alex Monroe Little Feather Silver Necklace. John Lewis. 93.00
2. Grey Patent Handbag. Amazon. 52.50 
3. Green Kimono Blazer. New Look. 19.99
4. White T-shirt. Matalan. 3.50
5. Grey Court Shoes. Next. 32.00
6. Coral Jeans. Very. 27.00
7. Topaz Pear Shape Silver Earrings.H Samuel. 189.00
(All prices are in pounds sterling)

What colour represents Spring for you?

I have also have an apology to make. My laptop is currently broken, and so I'm having to use my ANCIENT one, which as you my have noticed doesn't actually have a pound symbol or Microsoft Word! Annoying!
On a plus note,Mayra over at blushing beauty gave me a very versatile blogger award today. Thank You Mayra, and I will pass the award on tomorrow.

H xo


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Congratulations on the award Helen! How special. I have coral colored pants but haven't teamed them up with 'green' yet. You've inspired me to get a spearmint colored top for it. Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend, despite the lap top trouble <3

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Congrats on the award!! I love the earrings with your outfit!! So pretty.

Tyne Swedish said...

I LOVE those studs and that structured bag! So me! My color for spring is a variety of colors. Think of flowers. All bright colors welcome. I tend to think of green when I think of Ireland or Christmas (though Christmas here in Indy is covered in Snow).


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