ROR - Week 3

I am ashamed to be writing this post about my resolutions link up with Mandy .

Despite eating healthy meals and walking CONSTANTLY around work I managed to put on 1lb. I was really annoyed, but then I realised I did have a couple of nutella cupcakes, oh and that piece of cheese. To be honest I 'cheated' as the week went on and broke my resolution.
I have patched it up with sellotape though, and this week that resolution is going to stay intact and give me a weight loss in the process.

Weight Loss

Lbs lost so far: 1lbs

Lbs to go: 69lbs

So here it is:

My resolution is to loose 70lbs by the end of 2012.

This week I have eaten healthily for most of the week.

Next week I will track EVERYTHING I eat, try out some low-fat baking recipes (Kelly I am coming for your chocolate chip cookies!), and start attending Zumba again.

Thanks once again everyone for your continued support of me and my little blog, it really is helping me become a much healthier lady!

H xo

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