Healthy Every Week Challenge - Week 2

Wholegrains, wholegrains, wholegrains, they have been on my mind all week, the only place they haven't been is near my mouth.

This weeks challenge was to eat more wholegrains and I'll be honest I haven't managed it. I understand the switch from white to brown pasta and rice is pretty easy and the same for bread, but in principal I can't seem to step away from the fluffy white stuff.

I'm making a change though and next week is going to my wholegrain week. The challenge this week is to make all your meals from scratch, but I do that anyway, so I am going to conquer the wholegrain challenge, and ignore all the 'eat me' cries from the processed starches in my cupboard's. 

Follow my progress for this week, as I incorporate wholegrains into my meals, and post the recipes for you to try; I may well need you when the voices become too much!

Join the challenge yourself too, you still have two weeks left to change your habits -

H xo

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