Warm Potato Salad With Mini Hot Dogs

If any of you read my tweet this morning, you will be wondering why I am posting. The truth is I just can't stay away from this blogging lark (plus I REALLY enjoyed my lunch and I want to share the recipe with y'all). This is one of my all-time favourite recipes! You can mix and match it so many ways; you can often find me substituting the potatoes for pasta.
Kelly over at eat-yourself-skinny.com has given me the inspiration to add the weight watchers points to all my recipes. I've been on weight watchers for a while now and I'm doing good (2lbs) off last week! Unfortunately I still have a LONG way to go, 112lbs to be exact (phew!). I am convinced that determination, planning and fantastic recipes will get me there though. I'll keep y'all updated!!

Warm Potato Salad with Mini Hot Dogs
Serves - 1
Propoints - 4

100g new potatoes, raw
3 lettuce leaves
6 cherry tomatoes
4cm cucumber
30g extra light soft cheese
4 mini hot dogs

Cut the potatoes into small cubes and boil until tender (about 10 minutes).

Mix the soft cheese (I used garlic and herb), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and hot dogs together.

Drain the potatoes and add to the other ingredients and serve.

Soooooo simple and totally yummy. You can of course add whatever sort of veggies you want.

Helen xo


akiko said...

Looks yummy! Your Portrait Giveaway

Helen said...

It was totally yummy! Make your own version for lunch tomorrow :) xo

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