My Friends Got Talent

One thing blogging has taught me in the past two months is just the immense amount of talent there is around the world that we are all able to share thanks to the internet and our blogging obsessions! It got me thinking. I'm sure there is some undiscovered talent out there, and I don't mean in the Britain's got talent way. We all have friends that are talented right? Well why not share them?!

This linky will happen every week (apart from this week because of Christmas I'm making it two).

Here is my contribution for this week:

I would like to introduce you too a lovely friend of mine.....Gemma Gutteridge.

Gemma and I met whilst working over the summer and have been BFF's ever since. Not only is she an amazingly sweet person, but is also an incredible artist.

Here is some of her beautiful work:

If you would like more information about Gemma feel free to contact me via the 'contact' page.

It would be lovely if you could all link up and get your friends to link up too. You never know you might be the one with talent........

H xo


Trin @ ramsaygrace said...

Wow, Gemma does BEAUTIFUL work!

helen_eel said...

Yes she does. She's super talented, and I am a little jealous haha.

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